Pilot Corporate - Customer service center
Pilot Corporate: Customer Service Center

Consolidate the customer service of potential customers from your group of dealers

With this application you will be able to centralize the entry of potential sales and after-sales customers from all your dealers in the same place, even if they use another CRM or none at all. Lower costs, control the quality of your campaigns, take advantage of cross-brand recommendations and much more.


Pilot Solution sends hot leads
to the dealers of the group

With the Customer Service Center, all potential customers will be in one place and you can even set up a single Call Center for primary care with the most powerful integrations in the automotive industry.

Integrate your websites, landing pages, favorite e-commerce platforms, WhatsApp Business, social media advertising campaigns, Google Ads, your IP telephone central, email marketing campaigns and much more to Pilot Corporate.

Schedule automatic replies, quality surveys and other contacts with our Automation functionality (exclusive!).

Control the costs and performance of your advertising campaigns and analyze the return on investment. In addition, our powerful API takes care of the quality of your information and rejects any duplicate leads that try to enter your databases.

  • All your leads in one place and a centralized database of your entire group of dealers to exploit
  • Plug & play integrations
  • Send electronic catalog with reading tracking
  • Automatic derivation of your hot leads to the CRM of your dealers
  • Automatic replies to your potential clients
  • Cost control and performance of your different advertising campaigns
  • Consolidated reporting
Carga de bases
After Sales

Your potential after-sales
customers in one place

Consolidate all service requests and schedule them to have full occupancy in your workshops. Have a online booking available so that the client can manage themselves from their cell phone, tablet or PC whenever they want.

You will be able to control the management of recall campaigns, measure the effectiveness of your service and spare parts campaigns and analyze all your consolidated metrics to make decisions with reliable and professional information.

In addition, our Automation module generates a new activity for you when you have to call a client to offer them a next shift. Revolutionize the management of your workshops!

  • Online booking for your dealers
  • Schedule confirmation
  • Automatic sending of information to your dealers
  • Control and management of recall campaigns
  • Integrate your advertising campaigns for services and spare parts of your favorite media and measure their performance
  • Notice of upcoming automated customer service
  • Generates opportunities to contact customers who are close to having to perform a new service
  • Notify sales department when there is a vehicle replacement opportunity automatically
  • Consolidated reporting
Contact Center


Add functionality to your Pilot instance with our experts services

There is no need to acquire technology, Pilot is a cloud-based platform. We take care of everything: servers, licensing, backup, maintenance and support.
Yes, it is safe. Pilot has the highest web security standards in the industry. Each client also has an independent and unique instance.
You do not have to pay for new versions. Every month we deliver system updates to all users and customers for free. We believe that our platform must constantly evolve to meet the needs of our customers. The life time of a software is less and less, so why buy a software that is obsolete in less than a year?
No. You can stop using Pilot whenever you want. We want to be chosen by our customers every month.
No. Implementation is simple, we carry out in 48 hours the entry to our administrative system, the configuration of your sales team and its processes.
Only a web browser with internet connection.
If you decide to cancel your Pilot subscription, you must save the data before canceling since, after cancellation, the data will be deleted. Due to confidentiality reasons, we do not save the data of dealerships who are no longer our customers.
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